Fall risk reduction is an important goal of any professional involved in the field of physical therapy, especially those working with a geriatric patient population. This site is devoted to educating health care professionals to better assess and reduce fall risk for various patient populations.


Why do we need to know this?

  • 30-40% of all community dwelling adults age 65+ fall at least once/year
  • 20% deaths >65 year old are fall-related
  • >50 falls occur during ambulation
  • Falls are the leading cause of death in long term care settings
  • Estimated healthcare cost in 2020 for falls: $43.8 billion
  • Between 12 – 67 % of elderly adults who fracture a hip die within one year
  • For more information, see the CDC Journal Articles


To help those involved in therapeutic settings reach these goals, after reading and completing the activities on this site, clinicians will understand:

Specific Objectives

Navigating the Site

  • Each of the three main pages on this site (Systems Theory of Balance, Pathologies/Conditions, and Medications) includes content and links associated with the topics.
  • To navigate through the content, you can access the pages by using the links or menu and then working through the information.
  • After you have completed each page, you can work through the associated quiz questions.
  • You can complete any or all of the pages, as they are designed in a modular fashion.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Linda Bird, Content Developer.

Additional Resources

CDC provides links to pertinent Journal articles.

Resources for this page (complete citations on References page):

  1. CDC Website with Falls Statistics
  2. Vestibular Website
  3. CDC Journal Articles about Falls